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Luna Nanotech has an extensive expertise in synthesizing high quality nanoparticles for biomedical research and diagnostic applications.

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Wide Selection of Biocompatible Nanoparticles for Biomedical Research, Drug Delivery, and Diagnostics

Comprehensive Product Catalog of DNA and RNA Extraction and Purification


Product Offering of High Quality Affordable Laboratory Consumables 

Ash Ovaici

Clinical Lab Manager

McCampbell Analytical Inc.

“Working with Luna Nanotech has been an absolute pleasure, it’s great to be able to contact someone who is knowledgeable and able to help with both logistical and technical concerns. We initially chose to work with Luna Nanotech for their phenomenal pricing and stayed for their excellent customer service. Kyryl was absolutely instrumental in keeping our business functioning during the pandemic, I would not hesitate to partner with them on any future projects.”

Teves Lab

University of British Colombia

“We have been using Luna Nanotech products for over 2 years for all of our DNA and RNA purification related needs. We are especially happy with Luna Nanotech’s purification columns, and consider them an essential component of our protocols.”

Eric Tang

Purchasing Officer

Applied Biological Materials 

“We use the Luna Nanotech PuroSPIN™ Spin Columns specifically for RNA extraction. We tested and compared several commercial brand spin columns side by side and found that the Luna Nanotech product was at a great price-point and worked perfectly resulting in high yield and purity RNA samples.”
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PuroSPIN™ and PuroMAG™
Purification Kits

Luna Nanotech offers a wide selection of high quality DNA and RNA purification products at unbeatable prices.

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