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Gold nanorods are available in four sizes corresponding to the absorbance maxima of 670 nm, 680 nm720 nm, and 760 nm. Gold nanorods can be synthesized with polyethylene glycole (PEG) surface chemistry. Available PEG sizes are of 2 kDa, 5 kDa, and 10 kDa. Amine and carboxyl functionalizty can be introduced at the terminal end of PEG.


Nanorods are prepared at 50 OD (as measure at longtitudonal absorbance peak) and are available at 0.4 mL, 1 mL and 3 mL volumes.

Detailed information about nanorod synthesis, functionalizationa and characterization can be found here.

NanoVIVO™ Gold Nanorod Line

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