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Auto-Pure Automated Extraction Systems

Luna Nanotech offers Auto-Pure Systems for automated magnetic bead purification of DNA, RNA, proteins, and cells. The Auto-Pure systems are compatible to work with a variety of starting material such as bacteria, blood, cells, animal and plant tissue samples. The Auto-Pure systems are automated and provide high-speed and high-quality sample processing, using a lyse, bind, wash, and elute procedure. Luna Nanotech’s high-throughput PuroMAG™ kits are optimized to be used with Auto-Pure systems.

  • High-throughput Purification: Auto-Pure systems offer a range of sample processing capabilities, from 1 to 96 samples per run.

  • Versatile: Auto-Pure systems can process a variety of samples from different starting materials, such as bacteria, blood, cells, animal and plant tissue. Auto-Pure machines can also be paired with the Bioprep Homogenizer for tissue disruption of fibrous samples.

  • Easy to Use: All Auto-Pure systems use a large touchscreen, which simplifies protocol selection and programming.

  • Magnetic Bead Purification: Specifically designed for high throughput magnetic-bead based nucleic acid and protein purification protocols.

  • Sample Heating Capabilities: All Auto-Pure systems have a sample heating capability temperature range of 5 ºC above ambient room temperature to 120 ºC.

  • UV Light Decontamination: Auto-Pure systems use built-in UV lamps to prevent carryover between samples.​

  • Cross Contamination Prevention: Auto-Pure systems use air displacement pipetting, anti-hang drop technology, and a negative pressure filter system to prevent liquid and aerosol cross-contamination. 

Please contact us for additional information and pricing for the Auto-Pure product line.

AutoPure Systems:

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