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Company Info

Luna Nanotech is a nanotechnology manufacturing company actively developing diagnostic products that range from simple and highly cost effective point-of-care assays that can be used by research labs and for clinical screening in resource-poor settings, to more sophisticated portable all-in-one devices capable of simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens geared towards centralized and field laboratories. These technologies are expected to improve patient outcomes by facilitating earlier disease detection to help guide informed treatment choices.

Luna Nanotech also offers a range of products and solutions for nanomedicine and biomedical research. Our product lines includes biocompatible nanoparticles, molecular biology tools and equipment for DNA and RNA purification, and diagnostic solutions for detection of infectious pathogens. We also offer custom services in nanoparticle synthesis and characterization, and analytical services to quantify nanomaterial distribution in environmental and biological samples.

Our core team of founders and scientists have more than 20 years of experience in the fields of nanomaterial development and biomedical research. We use our extensive expertise to ensure the quality and reproducibility of nanomaterial and molecular biology products offered by Luna Nanotech. Our client base include North American and international research laboratories in such academic institutions as Harvard University, Stanford University, and Berkley National Labs.


If you would like to receive more information about any of our products or looking for custom nonmaterial solutions please contact us at or by calling us at 1-800-474-4055. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have or discuss a custom synthesis or characterization strategy. 

Our Vision

To ensure that no treatment is prescribed without a proper clinical diagnosis.

Our Mission

To apply advanced nanotechnology engineering to enable development of rapid, simple and cost-effective point-of-need diagnostic solutions for biological research and clinical disease detection.

Our Value

The value of Luna Nanotech comes from our extensive expertise in the principles of nanomaterial engineering and in-depth understanding of interactions of these materials with biological systems. We apply this knowledge to develop novel tools for biomedical research and diagnostic solutions that enhance detection of molecular signatures of diseases. Our competence ensures accuracy and reproducibility of each one of our products.

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