NanoVIVO™ Nanoparticle Products

NanoVIVO™ biocompatible nanoparticle line is specifically designed to minimize non-specific protein adsorption and cell interactions and to maximize in vivoblood half-life, making these products optimal for both in vitroand in vivobiological research. The line includes gold and magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles. Both gold and iron oxide nanoparticle are available with a range of ligands, allowing them to be targeted to different cells, tissues and organs. The nanoparticles can also be fluorescently labeled to allow their tracking by fluorescence imaging and used as contrast probes for fluorescence microscopy, flow cytometry, or whole-animal imaging. Magnetic nanoparticles can be used for magnetic cell separation, or as dual magnetic / fluorescent cell and tissue labeling probes for MRI, flow cytomerty, of FACS. 

Please choose one of the categories below to explore our nanoparticle products.

A selection of highly biocompatible spherical gold nanoparticle formulations with diameters from 4 to 200 nm, high degree of monidispersity (PDI < 0.1), circularity (>0.9) and a range of surface functionalities that include functional polyethylene glycol (PEG) groups, small molecules, proteins and oligonucleotides.

Gold nanorods are available in a selection of sizes, aspect ratios, and surface functionalizations. Absorbance profile maxima range from 670 to 760 nm, extending into the NIR optical window.

Dextran coated magnetic cross-linked iron oxide nanoparticles (CLIO) have superparamagnetic iron oxide cores imbedded within the matrix of cross-linked dextran sugar strands. Dextran coating makes CLIO particles optimal for both in vitro and in vivo applications. CLIO can be used for magnetic cell separation, or as dual magnetic / fluorescent probes for cell and tissue labeling.

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