PuroSPIN™ Total RNA Purification Kit  #NK051-50, #NK051-250

PuroSPIN™ Total RNA Purification Kitis designed to purify total RNA from bacteria, mammalian cells, yeast, or animal tissue. It greatly simplifies the extraction process by incorporating a convenient easy-to-use extraction technology based on nucleic acid binding silica spin-columns. The RNA is first released form the cells by the treatment with the Lysis Buffer LB-R. For RNA extraction from bacterial cell the lysis step is preceded by the treatment with the Lysozyme enzyme to disrupt bacterial cell wall. RNA is then loaded onto silica-based spin columns and washed to remove protein, salt and other contaminants. The kit includes on-column DNase I digestion step to remove any contaminating DNA. Finally, purified RNA is eluted from the column into a clean microcentrifuge tube in Elution Buffer EB, or nuclease-free water.


The kit can also be used to perform RNA cleanup after DNase I or other enzymatic treatments. High quality RNA extracted with the PuroSPIN™ Total RNA Purification Kitcan be used for a range of downstream applications, such as reverse-transcription PCR or qPCR, northern blotting, microarray analysis.


PuroSPIN™ Total RNA Purification Kitis capable of extracting RNA from soft animal tissue, such as liver, spleen, kidney, lung. For purification of RNA from fibrous tissue, such as skin, skeletal muscle, or heart, please use our PuroSPIN™ Fibrous Tissue RNA Purification Kit(#NK053-50, #NK053-250).


PuroSPIN™ columns can purify up to 200 μg of RNA product.






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NK051-50, NK051-250

PuroSPIN™ Total RNA Purification Kit #NK051-50, #NK051-250