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Bioprep Bead Mill Cell and Tissue Homogenizers

Luna Nanotech offers bead mill tissue homogenizers and bead consumables for sample preparation and cell lysis. The reliable, fast, and high-throughput homogenizer can be used to extract DNA, RNA, or proteins from animals, human and plant tissues, micro-organisms, spores, bones, and more.


Bioprep series biological sample homogenizers integrates the functions of sample grinding, lysis and homogenization. This is achieved by a three-dimensional high-speed vibrational motion of tubes containing grinding beads (glass beads, ceramic beads, or steel balls). Bioprep-6 and Bioprep-24 are ideal solutions for releasing DNA, RNA, Proteins, and from sample tissues and cells while still retaining molecular integrity.


  • Ability to lyse a wide range of sample types and preserve the integrity of biomolecules (DNA, RNA, proteins) and drug molecules.

  • Use a separate tube for each sample homogenization to avoid sample cross-contamination.

  • Disruption beads are available in a variety of material and sizes to suite the disruption of different sample types.

  • Bead homogenizer removes the need for nitrogen pre-treatment of the samples.

  • Able to process 24 x 2 mL sample tubes or 12 x 5 mL sample tubes.

Please contact us for additional information and pricing for the Bioprep product line.

Bioprep Bead Mill Homogenizers:

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