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Luna Launches Magnetic Beads, Biochemicals, and 96-well Consumables!

Today, We're excited to officially launch new product lines! To meet the growing needs for laboratory consumables and nucleic acid processing products, Luna is pleased to offer the following new products:

DNA and RNA Extraction Products

We’ve optimized our beads for both high-binding and rapid processing. Try our PuroMAG beads for quick and efficient purification of RNA and DNA from any sample!

Available both Lyophilized and in solution, our recombinant Proteinase K has been tested and performs comparable to top competitors. Contact us for Bulk Quotes!

Carrier RNA – tRNA sourced from Yeast to minimize contaminating genetics with bacterial, viral, or mammalian sources.

96-well PuroSPIN Plates – Handling too many Silica Columns at once? Process up to 96 samples in parallel, either with a centrifuge or vacuum manifolds.

96-well consumables

Looking to scale up your lab processes? Luna now offers a variety of 96-well plastics for your high-throughput needs. All our plates are provided DNAse/RNAse Free, and are sterile.

As always, contact us for bulk quotes or with any special requests. We'd love to explore how we can meet your needs! Stay Safe -Ben

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