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Luna's Viral Extraction Kit Fits Your COVID-19 Workflow

The world has seen an unprecedented response to combat COVID-19. As we now shift to balancing re-opening with public safety, it's clear that the way forward requires continued high-volume testing. We've been hard and work showing that our PuroSPIN Viral Extraction Kit can extract from many types of transport media, and our extraction performs equivalent to leading brands, at a fraction of their price.

PuroSPIN extraction kits are compatible with many specimen collection systems

We've been developing our extraction kits to fit easily into your workflow.

Whatever specimen collection system you're aiming to use, you can be confident our kit's chemistry can extract RNA from your transport medium. And we have the data to prove it! We've validated our extraction with both live sample media and denaturing transport media from vendors such as Hologic, Copan, cobas, and BD.

PuroSPIN extraction kits perform equivalent to leading extraction kit suppliers

Rolling out hundreds of thousands of tests isn't cheap, so we've been focused on developing an extraction system that will give you more extractions per dollar, and still deliver the same high-performance you demand. We've tested multiple SARS-CoV-2 targets, from multiple low-titer clinical samples, by droplet digital PCR testing. Even in these demanding conditions, Luna Nanotech's RNA extraction kit performs equivalent to more expensive kits from leading manufacturers.


We offer these kits as both individual columns, and in a High-Throughput Silica Spin Plate format:

PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA and RNA 96-well Purification Kit NK056-480

PuroSPIN™ Viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit NK055-50, NK055-250

Still wondering if we can fit your needs? We'll make it work: Contact us!



Supplementary Info: Top graph: RNA extracted from spiked-in RNA standard or live MS2 control in the indicated media. Extractions processed via centrifuge and qPCR was run using Seegene Allplex 2019-nCoV Assay. Bottom Graph: Patient samples were selected from clinical samples previously determined to have Ct values close to the cutoff threshold. Samples were extracted using either PuroSPIN Viral DNA and RNA Purification Kit or a competitor's Viral RNA extraction kit using each manufacturer's recommended protocol. After extraction, the samples were run in duplicate wells for Bio-Rad SARS-CoV-2 ddPCR Test. Error bars show 95% Confidence interval.

Note: These extractions are intended for research and development purposes and must undergo validation with your testing of choice (RT-PCR, Hybridization, RT-LAMP, etc) before being used for diagnostic purposes. Trademarks are property of their respective owners and us listing them here are purely for demonstrative purposes.

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