Magnetic Stir Bars: Oval Shape
  • Choose from Octagonal Shape or Oval Shape
  • Range of sizes from 6 mm to 100 mm
  • Anti-corrosive non-stick PTFE coating is resistant to acids, bases and organic solvents
  • Highly thermostale: can operate in the range from -196ºC to 360ºC
  • Octagonal Shape stir bars include a central ring which minimizes contact area between the stir bar and the vessel, which reduces friction and noise
  • Oval Shape stir bars are well suited for round bottom flasks
  • Compatible with standard stir plates






SKU List:

SBL10, SBL15, SBL20, SBL25, SBL30, SBL40, SBL50, SBL60, SBL70


Magnetic Stir Bars: Oval Shape

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