Have you ever ran out of columns that come with your favorite plasmid extraction kit but still had a lot of left-over buffer reagents remaining? Instead of buying a new expensive kit you can use PuroSPIN™ columns with the left-over buffers as a cost-effective alternative. Simply use PuroSPIN™ columns while following the manufacturer-specific protocols.


  • Nucleic acid binding capacity: 2.3 mg of genomic DNA, 1 mg of plasmid DNA
  • Compatible as cost-effective replacement columns for Plasmid DNA purification kits from Qiagen, ThermoFisher, Bio-Rad, Promega and other manufacturers
  • Each item includes both the spin column and the sample collection tube
  • Extraction of genomic DNA from bacteria, yeast, cultured cells, blood, and animal tissue
  • For research use only


PuroSPIN™ MAXI silica spin columns are designed for fast, simple and efficient extraction of Plasmid DNA from bacterial cultures. They can also be used for genomic DNA purification from a range of organisms.







SKU List:

USP008-10N, USP008-20N, USP008-30N

PuroSPIN™ MAXI Spin Columns for DNA and RNA Extraction and Purification

Number of Columns
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